Eva 2017

‘LIFE Display Competition’


Kalyan Eparchy Pro-life Movement

in collaboration with

Catechism Department

1 The ‘LIFE Display Competition’ on the occasion of ‘EVA – Symposium on Life’ is being conducted for the catechism unit/ department of every parish of Eparchy of Kalyan.
2 Theme: ‘HUMAN LIFE: A Precious Gift of God’
3 A display area of black cloth background of size 3.5 by 5 feet will be provided to each Catechism unit at the venue of the Symposium of Life to display their project.
4 The display can include any form of expressions related to theme (made by catechism students only): text, painting, sketching, drawing, craft, collage etc.
5 The display should be a creation of the Catechism children only (not the teachers).
6 Every parish can send a representation of 5 people (with minimum 3 catechism students) who would fix up the display between 9 am to 6pm on 28th Nov in the area allocated to each parish. Note each unit is to carry their own materials required to fix up the display. Eg: Glue, scissors, staplers, pins etc.
7 The display will be judged on the criteria of content, creativity, presentation.
8 The displays will be judged during the days of the symposium and will also include the vote of the registered delegates participating in the symposium
9 The winning entries will be given trophies along with cash prizes as follows:
1st Prize – Rs.7000 & Trophy
2nd Prize –Rs.5000 & Trophy
3rd Prize –Rs.3000 & Trophy
10 Decision of the Judges will be final
11 Last date for Entry is 30th October 2017, 6 pm
12 For registration form ..Click here

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