Emblem Explanation

This emblem is to be understood from the perspective of the Eucharist in the light of the resurrection experience of St.Thomas in the Indian context. The mystery of the Trinity is most fundamental to Christian faith. The three circles, therefore, indicate first and foremost this mystery of the Holy Trinity. The circle at the Centre is projected more prominently to indicate that the Father and Holy Spirit are hidden from us and only through the revelation in the Son they are revealed to us.

Secondly, the circle and the cross in it indicate the mystery of the Holy Eucharist which is a commemoration and celebration of the mystery of the Holy Trinity revealed through Our Lord Jesus Christ. The St.Thomas Cross underlines the fact that each celebration of the Eucharist leads us to the resurrection experience of St.Thomas which is the proper heritage of the Syro-Malabar Church. The three circles also symbolise the three rites in India and the three sections of the people of God, namely, the Clergy, the Religious and the Laity and thus underline the importance of the ministry of unity which Our Lord has entrusted to the Church. The words “TO LIVE IN JESUS, TO LEAD TO JESUS”, proclaim that it is by bringing all the peoples into Jesus through our living in Jesus that the Church will ultimately realise this ministry of unity.

The Holy Spirit who strengthens and ever leads the Church through the anointing of the Apostles and their successors, is represented through the flame of fire in the form of a dove.

The peacock stands for the Indian Nation. This symbol has been employed in many of our ancient churches to symbolise St.Thomas himself who is the patron of the Eparchy of Kalyan. It, thus, indicates our mission of bringing everyone to the Lord by sharing with all the peoples of India, our faith experience which we have received from St.Thomas the Apostle.

The Letter ‘M’ stands for Mary, our mother and indicates the dedication of the entire people of God in the Eparchy to her protection and intercession, reminding us of a basic fact of our Christian tradition: TO JESUS THROUGH MARY.

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