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Bl. Mother Theresa



“To create a just and harmonious society based on the Gospel Values of love, fellowship, freedom and peace”.

Bl. Mother Theresa


Karunya Trust will restore human dignity of the needy and the marginalized by addressing the issues of Education, Health, Livelihood, Governance and Environment. It will facilitate the process of empowerment by enhancing their capacities, promote networking with people’s organizations, likeminded NGO’s. It will promote development process by mobilizing the potentials and resources available within and outside the communities.

  • Present Director: Fr. Joby Ayithamattathil
  • Present Asst. Director: Lijo Veliyamkandathil
  • Other In charge: Sr. Mini Abraham (Karunya Trust, Programme Coordinator)


  • Inaugurated By Dr. P. C. Alexander, H’ble Governor of Maharashtra on 5th Sept 1998, in the presence of Mar Thomas Elavanal.
  • Supported 9,818 children through various types of educational programs under different projects in past 15 years.
  • Empowered over 10,000 women through Self Help Groups, Adult Literacy classes & various supporting programs, out of which 7000 Women belong to SC, ST, OBC.
  • Flood relief and Rehabilitation provided to 96372 families during the 2005 Mumbai Flood Built 97 houses for rural poor in Ambernath, Bhiwandi & Kalyan Talukas.
  • 1745 People living with HIV/ AIDS (PLHAS) & their families are supported for a sustainable livelihood.
  • Established 55 nodal centers in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik regions.
  • Opened 5 dispensaries for urban poor.
  • Network with over 20 Government and non government organizations.
  • Kalyan Diocesan Social Perspective Plan: Released by Bp. Thomas Elavanal on 11th August, 2012.
  • The book named ‘Rice: The Golden Grain’ written by Dr. Haridas V.R translated into Marathi language.


Projects in Progress & implemented: Karunya has been implementing the following programs in the target areas with different stakeholders:

  1. BHARARI: (2013-Conti..,Beneficiaries: 1600 children & their families, Supported by: HCDI Pune): Thane Tribal Developent Project, a Child Focused Community Development project targeting 1600 tribal children & their families in Ambernath Taluka, Thane and Mumbai. The project aims at the development of Education, Health, Livelihood and strengthening of Community Based Organization in 16 villages of Ambernath Taluka.
  2. JEEVASRADHA: (2013-Conti.., Beneficiaries: 10,000 migrants of Thane City per year, Supported by: PHFI.
  3. JUBILEE MEMORIAL HOUSING PROJECT for the rural poor (2012-Conti…, Beneficiaries: 50 families, Supported by: Karunya Trust): As a Silver Jubilee memorial of the Diocese of Kalyan 50 houses are under construction in Ambernath and Kalyan Talukas of Thane district for the rural folk who are poor/ handicapped / widowed and victims of disaster.
  4. GYANSAATHI: (2011-Conti..,Beneficiaries: 200 children & their families, Supported by: HCDI Pune): Community development programme for the child rag-pickers: The project is empowering the rag-picking children, residing at the Deonar Dumping yard at Govandi ,Mumbai through non-formal education, providing supplementary nutrition, formation of child support groups, health care, community mobilization and training.
  5. JEEVAN: (2013-Conti.., Beneficiaries: 1147 households, Supported by: Caritas India): Supporting over 1147 households in Kalyan Taluka, focussing the issues of livelihood & Migration.
  6. SAVLI/ GYAN MITRA (2009- Conti.., Beneficiaries: 145 children, Supported by: Karunya Trust): Education programme for the children of
    PLHAs which provide financial assistance to meet the educational requirements.
  7. Maharashtra Integrated Development Action for Society (MIDAS) (2008- Conti.., Beneficiaries: 31 Villages -1442 families, Supported by: Caritas India): The programme focuses on livelihood options for the marginalized communities in the 31 villages of Ambernath and Kalyan Talukas promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  8. NIVAS housing program (2008- 2010, Beneficiaries: 63 families, Supported by: Habitat India & Karunya Trust): Housing for the disaster affected victims at the Ambernath and Kalyan Taluka’s rural areas.
  9. ASARA: Care & Support for the Children HIV/AIDS infected and affected (2007-2011, Beneficiaries: 1332 children -, Supported by: India HIV/ AIDS Alliance & CRS Mumbai): Community based care and support programme for the affected and infected children by providing nutrition supplement, educational support and alternative livelihood options.
  10. Paediatric ART initiative project (2007-2011, Beneficiaries: 142 children -, Supported by: Clinton Foundation): Improved the quality of life of children living with HIV/ AIDS. Provided Comprehensive care for those not yet ready for treatment and ART therapy for those who need it.
  11. Alternative livelihood programme under District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) (2006-Conti.., Beneficiaries: 193 children -, Supported by: DRDA Thane): 439 SHG’s are formed and members were given various trainings on livelihood options and were engaged in poultry, goat-rearing, farming, catering and other such income generation activities. 191 groups have received loans to start income generation programme from different banks.
  12. Community Based care and support to People living with HIV/ AIDS (PLHAS): (2005-2010, Beneficiaries: 1695 PLHAS, Supported by: CRS  and Karunya Trust): Provided Awareness on HIV/ AIDS, Counselling & Medical support for PLHAS. Also involved in training for Care givers and Formation of CBOs.
  13. Community Based Disaster Preparedness (2010-2011, Beneficiaries: 21 villages, Supported by: UPS India): Equipped the target communities residing at the flood-prone areas of Kalyan and Ambernath through awareness creation and networking with GOs and NGOs.
  14. GYANDEEP: (1998- Conti.., Beneficiaries: 6946 Children, Supported by: Karunya Trust): The Trust runs various types of educational programmes for the children under different schemes which include Initial Study Help, Sponsorship Programme and Scholarship Programme.
  15. MASS WEDDING: Supported 100 rural poor girls & boys for a happy married life as a memorial of Silver Jubilee of the Diocese of Kalyan.
  16. HARIT KALYAN: 341 Farmers’ clubs from rural villages of Kalyan & Ambernath Talukas are introduced to organic farming
    • 9 clubs are affiliated to NABARD & 22 clubs are in the process of affiliation.
    • Rice: The Golden Grain on organic SRI farming by Dr. Haridas V.R translated to Marathi language
    • Green Eco Power saving 1, 00,000 STICKERS distributed all over Mumbai.
    • Distributed SOLAR LANTERN to 100 rural students.
  17. JAGRUTI: 900 Self Help Groups in 290 villages of Ambernath, Bhiwandi, Kalyan Talukas, 120 Self Help Groups (SHGs) have increased their income from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1,000/- per month.
  18. SURAKSHA: Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR): 21 flood prone villages of Kalyan Taluka are well equipped to respond to disaster.
  19. Social Security Schemes:
    • Rural women have taken LIC policy (Jeevan Madhur & Jeevan Mangal) promoted by Karunya Trust.
    • Mazdoor Suraksha Yojana (MSY): New Pension Scheme in collaboration with Workers India Federation in the process of launching.
  20. JEEVASHRAYA: a project for sick & the bedredden could reach out to over 19 patients.
  21. DRISHTI 2020: An attempt to donate 20,000 eyes by 2020.
  22. MRUTHINJAY: Organ Donation Drive initiated by KDSA in memory of Silver Jubilee of the Diocese
  23. Flood relief and Rehabilitation (20050, Beneficiaries: 96372 families, Supported by: CRS, Caritas India & Karunya Trust): Distributed cooked food -23733, food material -30850, Family kits – 9969, Student’s kits -5915, Medical camps – 25905, Rehabilitation work in Ambernath and Kalyan Talukas. Redevelopment 1000 acres of agricultural land and community assets like –halls, temples, wells & roads.
  24. Dispensaries and Medical Camps: The dispensaries at various nodal centers of Karunya Trust provide free medical aid to the poor and marginalized in and around the centre. Also the medical camps organized in the target areas based on the need of the communities provides free medicines and refer cases for further investigation which will be followed up by the animators appointed by the Trust in the respective areas.
  25. Health Education Programmes: Through audio visual aids and street plays health education is imparted to the target group on various issues.

Thanks for being a part of this divine movement…


2013: Deutsche Bank’s first Global and Regional Volunteer Award won by Karunya Trust’s Child rag-picker’s project, Gyansaathi. The project won the second place in Asia Pacific region, and first place in India with a price money € 4000.

2013: Amarapali SHG from Kanor, Ambernath Taluka won RAJMATHA JIJUSWALMBAN PURASKAR second prize at Thane District.

2012: Kunda, Shubham SHG’s food stall was selected as the best food stall at Mahalakshmi Saras at Bandra and won Price money of Rs.15,000/-

2011: Six SHGS were awarded as the best SHGs by Kalyan Samaj Vibhag, Kalyan.

2011 & 2010: Two women SHGs namely Ekta SHG, Devloli and Amrapali SHG, Boradpada won the best self help group Awards at the District level and Konkan Level during the Mahalakshmi Saras.

2010: JAIDURGAMATHA SHG at Boardpada, Ambernath Taluka won RAJMATHA JIJUSWALMBAN PURASKAR at Konkan Region and Thane District.

2009: Two of our SHG’s from Ambernath & Bhiwandi won 1st & 2nd prizes at District and Konkan region.

2008: Best NGO AWARD – Karunya was awarded as the BEST NGO in Powai area by the MANCH Mumbai Citizens during the Powai Festival.

Former Directors of Karunya Trust were Fr. Thomas Thaikootathil, Fr. Benny Ezhormattam, Fr. George Vattamattam and Fr. Shibu Pulickal. Fr. Biju Mannamcherril & Fr. Tomy Nelliyani were the former Assistant Directors.


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