Catholic Religious of India (CRI) Kalyan Unit

The history of Kalyan CRI unit can be traced back to 1988, the very year of the erection of Kalyan diocese. All the sisters working in different parts of the diocese, including the missions, had formed a common body with the name Kalyan Sister’s Communication (KSC). The sisters used to come together for important diocesan events, occasional seminars, monthly recollections and annual retreats. Sr. Thomasina CHF rendered her service as the first President of KSC. In 1990 Sr. Agnet SABS took charge as the President and continued her service till 2004.

With the guidance and initiative of Bishop Mar Paul Chittilapilly, our KSC was enrolled as a local unit of national CRI in 1994. Thereafter our representatives used to attend the meetings and join the activities of the regional CRI. As the number of convents increased, new sisters joined and it gave more energy and enthusiasm to our CRI Unit. We enjoyed the paternal care and support of Bishop Paul Chittilapilly till he went to Thamarassery in 1997. Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal, the present Patron of Kalyan CRI, always shows keen interest in our activities and helps us through his occasional classes and timely suggestions.

The appointment of Rev. Fr. Davis Pulikottil as the Director in 2004 was an encouragement for us. When he was transferred in 2009, Msgr. Jacob Porathur became the new Director. Our CRI unit, which consists mainly of sisters, is quite active with seminars, competitions, retreats etc. At present there are 370 sisters and 82 convents belonging to 32 congregations. The present executive members are Sr. Alice Kripa CMC, President, Sr. Jiji LSMS, Vice President, Sr. Rosamma SDP, Secretary and Sr. Marykutty Michael Treasurer.

We raise our grateful hearts to God Almighty for his manifold blessings. We are highly indebted to Bishop Mar Paul Chittilapilly and Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal for our spiritual and temporal growth. We gratefully acknowledge the support and guidance of our former directors Fr. Davis Pullikottil, Fr. Jacob Porathur, Fr Emmanuel kadankavil and Msgr. Francis Eluvathingal our present Director.

We express our sincere gratitude to our dear sisters who rendered their valuable service as Presidents- Sr. Thomasina CHF 1988-90, Sr. Agnet SABS 1990-2004, Sr, Lilly SDP 2004-2005, Sr. Rose SD 2005-2009, Sr. Liliya DML 2009-2010. The devoted service of the Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers from time to time is really commendable.

It is our sincere prayers that all the activities of Kalyan CRI may become pleasing to God and beneficial to His children.


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