Diocese Pastoral Center (ARC)


Inauguration: 02-10-2012
Address: ARC, Santhome Nagar, Kolkhe Village, ONGC PO, Panvel, Maharashtra-410221.

Animation and Renewal Centre (ARC) is a peaceful and conducive place for providing human formation, spiritual animation and various training programs.

ARC has a staying capacity for 100 persons. It has an auditorium which has a capacity to accommodate 500 persons. It has a lecture hall which can contain 100 persons and a VIP conference hall for 50 persons. For Conducting all Christian, spiritual activities there is a chapel which can contain 100 persons.

ARC is an acronym which is pronounced as ark indirectly referring to the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ of the Old Testament. It provides a place for all people to live and protects and promotes all the just and holy ones of God.


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