Eparchy of Kalyan was established on 1988 and at that time there was no Minor seminary for the diocese. Mar Paul Chittilappilly, the visionary took students from all the parts of Kerala and sent them to different seminaries of the various dioceses in Kerala. Moreover, he requested the bishops to give option to seminarians to join the new diocese; as a result we got many seminarians who were in the different stages of their formation.

After a decade we could realize the dream of our own minor seminary. In 1998 we started our minor seminary in a small building in BLM, Aloor, Irinjalakuda and it was named as St. Thomas Minor Seminary. Fr. Thomas Narikulam (1998-2001) was the rector. Then came Fr. Joy Paliakkara (2001-2003), Fr. JeesonKanjirathingal (2003-2004) and Fr. Mathew Kuttikottayil (2004-2006) as rectors. During this period of time Fr. Emmanuel Kadankavil, Fr. JeesonKanjirathingal, Fr. Biju Chittilappilly and Fr. JomonNellimalamattam served as vice rectors in our seminary.

Place was not sufficient for us so we continue our search for a place and found a place in Panvel and constructed a new building for our seminary in Panvel. In 01st July 2006, Bishop Mar Thomas blessed new building of our seminary.

RectorYearVice-RectorYearResidential Spiritual FatherYear
Late Fr. George Porathur2006 - 2007Fr. Lijo Mullonkal2008 - 2010Fr. Emmanuel Kadankavil2009 - 2015
Fr. Joju Arackal2007 - 2014Fr. Shinto Vallanattu2010 - 2012Fr. Kuriakose Kalaparambath2015 - 2018
Fr. Shibu Pulickal2014 - 2017Fr. Shaiju Kattayath2012 - 2015Fr. Liju Keettikkal
2018 - 2021
Fr. Xavier Kanatt2017 - 2018Fr. Bibin Cheenothuvattukulam2015 - 2016Fr. James Kuttimakkal2021 - 2021
Fr. Jacob Porathur2018 - 2021Fr. Lijo Velliyamkandathil2016 - 2018Fr. Shaibu Paul Malethadathil2021 - 2021
Fr. Cyriac Kumbattu2021 - 2024Fr. Raphael Ainickal2018 - 2020Fr. Bibin Cheenothuvattukulam2021 - 2023
Fr. Kuriakose Kalaparambath2024 - PresentFr. Jojit Johny Koottungal
2020 - 2022Fr. Paul Kunduparambil2023 - Present
Fr. Bibin Thomas Mattaparampil2022 - 2023
Fr. Fibin Sunny Kanjiraparambil2023 - 2024
Fr. Savio Pandiyalackal2024 - Present


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