Kalyan Laity Movement (KLM)

Right from the inception of the Eparchy of Kalyan on 30th April 1988, the laity has been closely associated with its growth and development through their active participation in the Pothuyogam, Parish Councils, Zonal Councils and the Pastoral Council. However, it was felt that an association of the lay people of the Eparchy of Kalyan was a must to give vigour, vitality and better cohesion and co-ordination to the multifaceted activities of the lay people in the eparchy of Kalyan. As a first step the Eparchy of Kalyan has already instituted four associations namely, Kalyan Eparchy Youth (KEY), Mathrusangham, Pithruvedi and Jesus Nurses’ Fraternity (JNF) representing different spectrum of lay persons.

While keeping the individuality of these associations, a need was felt to have a coordinating body, namely, Kalyan Laity Movement (KLM) to guide, coordinate and monitor the activities of these four associations. This umbrella body will be able to effectively represent the eparchy and its special mission in the socio-political, cultural, and religious milieu of Maharashtra as well as at the national and international forums in close collaboration with the respective individual organisations. Thus it will be an umbrella association under the legitimate authorities of the Eparchy of Kalyan, pursuing the aims, objectives and mission of the eparchy and the mission of the universal church in general, ensuring the co-operation of every one, both within and outside the eparchy.


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