Chromogram: Adding colours into life


Every year, youth of Kalyan Eparchy do their bit in helping the society through social outreach activities. During this Year of Mercy, the Thane Zone Youth Movement (TZYM) with 60 volunteers painted six houses at the Lavalee Hamlet village, interior region of Badlapur, Kalyan. The event, Chromogram was executed through the guidance of Karunya Trust, Social action wing of the Eparchy of Kalyan.  The inception of Chromogram derived from two words- Chromo meaning Colour and Gram meaning Village.

The youth and their animators were welcomed with a delicious breakfast prepared by the villagers themselves, following which they were given instructions as to how to go about the painting work. A days, hard work with brushes and paints resulted the complete painting of six houses.  The volunteers were lucky to have lovely hosts, especially in offering water and tea every half hour as the task of painting continued.

Adding his thoughts on his personal experience of Chromogram, Sebin Sebastian, the TZYM President said “It was altogether a different experience for us all. Usually we donate money for such social event. But physically being a part of it, climbing up the ladder and painting, and the smile on their faces after our work was done was priceless.” The entire event was another example for the youth to realise that, reaching out to the needy not only through mere donations but also actually go out there and put in their time and effort for a true noble cause.

For KMC @ Ms. Shalin Paul

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