God was preparing St.Thomas to be the Apostle of India: Mar Thomas Elavanal

FinalMar Thomas Elavanal, the Bishop of Kalyan Diocese, through his message on the feast of Dukhrana on 3rd July 2017, conveyed the grand meaning of “Dukhrana”, which is considered and celebrated as the day of remembrance of St.Thomas Apostle.
His Excellency reminded that “St.Thomas is also called as “Doubting Thomas or Unbelieving Thomas” because he insisted on seeing the risen Lord to believe in his resurrection. As a result, Jesus appeared to him; St.Thomas could see him, touch him and experience him. St.Thomas pressed his deep faith in the risen Lord and firmed his belief by calling “My Lord, My God.”.But this was providential because God was preparing St.Thomas to be the Apostle of India.” Further, he added that St.Thomas could testify very convincingly about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and declared unto the world that Jesus is risen, Jesus is Alive. It is important for everyone to stand firm in their faith in order to follow the path of Jesus Christ
His Excellency concluded the message by embracing that, “Let us thank God, on one hand for giving St.Thomas as the Apostle of India and on the other hand for this great gift of Christian Faith.”

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