Karunya Trust of Kalyan Diocese celebrates Annual Day with elegance

The Karunya Trust of the Kalyan Diocese celebrated its annual day with grace on 15th February, 2018, at Kalidas Natyamandir auditorium, Mumbai. The trust which has always been a helping hand to the underprivileged and the needy ones, is considered as the heartbeat of the diocese for its effective services, under the guidance of Fr. Paul Kunduparambil, director of Karunya Trust. The children and the beneficiaries of the Karunya Trust took the platform of the annual day as an opportunity to showcase their talents with full of enthusiasm. The auditorium was filled was applauds for the cultural programmes of the participants, who rocked out the stage with their positive vibe and energy. A documentary report on the activities of Karunya Trust was shown in the event, which made the audience realize the hard works and efforts the trust takes to successfully complete its mission of service with dignity.

His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal of Kalyan Diocese remarked that “I can see that the happiness and enthusiasm that we are feeling right now is all because of the activities the Lord Almighty is doing through the Karunya Trust. The values that Karunya Trust practices to help others have always played an important role in adding up human dignity in the society.” MLA Sardar Tara Singh appreciated the children’s efforts for the performances and encouraged the members and volunteers of the trust for their services. He also promised his support to the trust for all its services and reflected that “By helping these children, you (Karunya Trust) are helping the whole nation.” CID serial producer, Mr. B. P. Singh encouraged the children to be grateful to their parents and teachers in life and expressed his gratitude towards Karunya Trust and said that “The only quality that you require to serve the society is to have a good heart.” He also invited the children from Karunya Trust to learn film-making under his guidance.

Special awards were given to the selected children, volunteers and members of Karunya Trust for their performances and services respectively. Fr. Paul Kunduparambil expressed his gratitude to everyone and once again highlighted that “The Eparchy of Kalyan is trying to give life to all the children of Karunya Trust.”

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