Keeping the liveliness in married life

The first ‘Heart-Wine’, organized by the ‘Spouse for Christ’ movement of ‘Eparchy of Kalyan’, became memorable with the active participation of 30 (thirty) newly married couples at St. Thomas Cathedral Church, Kalyan W. The meaningful message and sharing from Mar Thomas Elavanal and respective personalities made the event to be more attractive. It was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of love and togetherness.


Couples began to walk in by 3pm. Alongside, the registrations were being done by the volunteers. The event unfolded by the Holy Qurbana conducted by Bishop along with 5 (five) other priest. The homily given by the Bishop assimilated the value of marriage within the couples. He stressed the importance marriage, which is a rich tradition, through which the Faith-Formation passes into the next generation. The mass ended leaving the couples to reflect on the message said by Pope Francis – “Attitude of the Beatitude”.

One of the gorgeous moments for the couples was the photo session with Bishop and a group photo. After the formal meeting, it was time for the couples to rejuvenate. The reception began with the grand entry where the couples were dressed in their wedding gowns and suits. A reception organised with the intention of spreading some love just as Jesus has promised us. This included games to imbibe enthusiasm and ebullience. Session were conducted by Biju Dominic to help the couples nurture their martial life. The personal sharing of Joppan Thomas helped the participants to reflect on the importance of children after marriage. His words, “Children is not an option because God’s gift is not to be neglected. Have faith in God and there won’t be any scarcity in our life”, echoed into the minds and hearts of couples. The entire event wrapped up with the final couple dance. Bishop concluding the event having a final talk with all the couples, thereby blessing the food. The event, executed by the Ajoyfull Events, summed up with a Kerala special dinner.

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