Mother has a major role in the family building


Kalyan Mathrusangam’s (KMS) 21st Annual day was celebrated on December 4, 2016 at St. Xavier’s school, Kanjurmarg. The program started with a prayer song. His Excellency Mar Thomas Elavanal, presided over there meeting. In the meeting, where the souvenir ‘MahilaDarshan’ was inaugurated, the achievers of different academic level were felicitated.

Focusing on the role of a mother in family building, Bishop Thomas Elavanal said, ” the aim in a woman’s life is: to be a good mother and to make their children good. One should become the best person and be the best in the work one do”. Msgr. Emmanuel Kadankavil stressed the spiritual aspect of being pure in life by saying ” a woman should have purity, love, sacrifice to look after her family because Holy Spirit comes, where there is purity. Mother Mary was filled with Holy Spiritbecause she was pure in her heart, deeds and action. A mother is a life giverand motherhood arises in a woman from the birth of the child. Love and life are God’s gift given to women”.

During the meeting, a monetarily contribution for buying a vehicle for the children at the Santwanagram was handed over to its authorities.  The event was really entertaining with the cultural shows like Biblical Ballet and comedy skit from the mothers from different parishes of the diocese.  The day ended with the Kalyan Mathrusangam anthem.

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