Devamatha Church, Nagothane

Before the formation of the Kalyan Diocese, a catholic community from Kerala was living in Nagothane. For their spiritual needs they attended Latin churches in Roha, Murud etc.

In the year 1988, around 5-6 families joined together and expressed the views of starting Holy Qurbana in Nagothane or nearby area and approached the Bishop’s House at Powai. Thus Fr. Lonappan Arangasserril from Panvel started to come here to Offer the Holy Qurbana. In the beginning the Holy Qurbana was offered in the residence of various members. Gradually the Number of families increased to 50 approximately. Apart from Catholics, families from other Christian Denominations also became the members.

In 1992 with the initiative of Mr. Sunny Joseph and his brother late Mr. George Joseph, 10 Gunthas land was purchased with the financial help of Diocese and registered in the name of Santhome Trust of Kalyan. In the year 1993, when Fr. Jose Thannipara was the Parish Priest, construction of the church was started. With the motivational and inspirational effort of Mr. Sunny Joseph, Mr. Sebastian Joseph, Mr. Thomas P.V, Mr. Xavier Thomas, Mr. Monichan etc. a temporary shed was completed with in 4-5 months and the same year the church was Consecrated by Mar Paul Chittilappilly in the presence of Parish Priest Fr. Jose Pothanparambil. Incidentally, it became the first church under Kalyan Diocese in Raigad district.

After that Fr. Xavier Kadaplackal, Fr. Francis John, Fr. Siju Kizhakkepallivathukal. Fr. Shinto Vallanattu, Fr. Binu Kureekattil CST, Fr. Joby Ayithamattathil and Fr. Liju Irattakuzhackal were offered their valuable service.

Here in Nagothane Devamatha Church, Feast of Mother Mary and Christmas is celebrated every year. In both the celebration All the Keralites including Hindus and Muslims are actively participating. For the better living condition and because of better job offers many families shifted from here to Mumbai and other places. So the family members have been reduced to seven presently. Fr. Lijo Mullonkal took charge as the parish priest from 09th February 2017.


Forane: Panvel

Status: Quasi-Parish

Parish Priest: Fr. Lijo Mullonkal

Establishment of Parish Community: 1991

Official Erection as a Parish:

Date of the Consecration of the Church: 1993

Area of the Church Property:

No.of Family’s: 13

No.of Family Units: 7

Address: Deva Matha Welfare Centre, Opp. Urdu School, Nagothane P.O., Raigad 402106

Phone No.:

How to reach:


Holy Qurbana:

Weekdays Qurbana:

Name of the Religious Congregation & Province: Nil

Type of the Institutions at parish territory: Nil


Email id:



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