Sacred Heart Church, Colaba

Around 50 years ago, under the leadership of Kerala Catholic Association (KCA), every first Sunday at 7.30 pm the Holy Qurbana (Syro-Malabar Rite) in Malayalam was started at St. Joseph’s (R C) Church, Colaba.

In 1987 Fr. George Edakalathur used to come every first Sunday at 7.30 pm for celebrating the Holy Qurbana in Syro-Malabar Rite at R C Church, Colaba. Every third Sunday Family Prayer meeting was conducted in different families under the leadership of Fr. George Vadakethala. After the establishment of Diocese of Kalyan, Mar Paul Chillitapilly appointed Fr. George Vadakethala as the first Parish Priest of Colaba. From then on, the Syro-Malabar Community in Colaba started growing under the pastoral guidance of the Diocese of Kalyan and efficient Parish Priests. Since then, we have been celebrating Syro-Malabar Qurbana every Sunday at 10.30 am. Colaba parishioners gratefully remember all of them.

In the year 2000, with a good vision and lot of efforts Fr. Shaji Parickapallil, parish priest of Colaba, Dhobhitalao and Byculla together with the hard work of Trustees and Parish Council members bought a residence for Priests at Byculla. Till those days, Priests were coming either from Kurla or Powai for services. Regular Holy Hour on every Thursday at 7.30 pm was started at St. Xavier’s Chapel, Colaba from July 5th 2001.

Another landmark in the growth of the Colaba Parish was buying the Priest Residence in Colaba itself. On 19th March 2005, under the earnest initiative of Fr. Zacharias Neelankavil, the hard work of Trustees and Parishioners of Colaba Centre and good financial assistance from the Bishop’s House, a Priest Residence was bought at Daulat-Shirin Building, Colaba. Fr. Shijiu Avanoor, Asst. Parish priest paid special attention to the renovation of the newly bought room. The blessing of the Priest’s Residence was on 15th July 2005 by Mar Thomas Elavanal. Fr. Shiju Avanoor was the first Priest to reside over there. In the year 2005, we started Malayalam Holy Qurbana on every Friday at 7.30 pm and also started adoration on every First Firday at R C Church, Colaba.

Mar Thomas Elavanal approved the name of Colaba Community as Sacred Heart Church, Colaba on October 22nd 2006 in a response to the request of Parish priest Fr. Ashok Kollamkudy and the parishioners. As the Diocese marches towards its Silver Jubilee, Colaba parish also grows day by day in true spirit and in good numbers.

We gratefully remember the priests who served us. Later Rev. Fr. Joby Aythamattathil was our parish priest.
At present Fr. Antony Thekkiniyath OFM Cap. is the parish priest.


Forane: South Mumbai

Status: Quasi Parish

Parish Priest: Fr. Joby Ayithamattathil

Establishment of parish Community: 1988

Official Erection as a Parish:

Date of the Consecration of the Church:

Area of the Church Property:

No. of Family’s: 45

No. of Family Units: 4

Address: Room No. 2, Ground Floor, Daulat Shirin Bldg, Near Colaba Post Office, S.B.S Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005

Phone No.:

How to reach:


Holy Qurbana: Sun. 10.45 am at R.C. Church, Colaba

Weekdays Qurbana: Fri. 7.30 pm

Name of the Religious Congregation & Province: Nil

Type of the Institutions at parish territory: Nil


Email id: [email protected]



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