St. Joseph’s Church, Rasayani

In the initial phase of the migration all the Christians of Rasayani united together and conducted prayer services, irrespective of their Church and rites. After the establishment of the Diocese of Kalyan, in 1991 under the initiative of Rev. Fr. John Madukkoli mst, the first Syro Malabar community was formed.

Under the guidance of Rev. Fr. John Madukkolil MST, seven families gathered for prayer service. Prayers and Holy Qurbana were conducted at their residence, viz., Mr. P.L Lonappan, Mr. K.A. Joseph, Mr. Lambai Joseph, Mr. M.P. Jacob, Mr. P.D. Paul, Mr. P.D. Joseph, late Mr. Dixon Joseph, Mr. Gervasis Sebastian, Mr. V.K.S. Joy and Mr. Regimon V.C.

As mentioned earlier, the first priest who took initiative to build a community of faithful in Rasayani was Rev. Fr. John Madukkolil MST. He was followed by Rev. Fr. Joseph Pothenparambil MST, who guided the community to construct its own prayer centre.

The consecration of St Joseph’s Church, Rasayani was on March19, 1996 by his Excellency Mar Thomas Elavanal. From the initial 10, the number of the families increased upto 35 in a few years time. At present the parish has 22 families and 5 bachelors as its members.

Name of the former Parish Priests worked in the Parish are Fr. John Madukoli MST, Fr. Joseph Pothenparambil MST, Fr. Johnson Kalathinkal, Fr. Johnson Olakkayinkal, Fr. Paul Olickal, Fr. Davis OFM CAP, Fr. Kuriakose Kalaparambath, Fr. Joy Chitteth, Fr. Jojo Kuttikkadan, Fr. Francis John, Fr. Antony Manickamkuzhy, Fr. Jomon Nellimalamattam, Fr. Jomon Kurishingal, Fr. Shinto Vallanattu, Fr. Shaiju Kattayath, Fr. Binoy Alappattu and Fr. Robin Abraham CMF.  Fr. Lijo (Sebastian) Irattakuzhackal took charge as the parish priest from 09th February 2017.


Forane: Panvel

Status: Quasi-Parish

Parish Priest: Fr. Liju (Sebastian) Irattakuzhackal

Establishment of Parish Community: 19/03/1991

Official Erection as a Parish:

Date of the Consecration of the Church: 19/03/1996

Area of the Church Property:

No. of Family’s: 22

No. of Family Units: 3

Address:RIS, Rasayani Pin:  410222

Phone No.:

How to reach:


Holy Qurbana:

Weekdays Qurbana:

Name of the Religious Congregation & Province: Nil

Type of the Institutions at parish territory: Nil


Email id:



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