St Paul’s Catholic Church, Ulhasnagar

The origin of St. Paul Catholic church could be traced back to 1983. The community had a humble beginning with a few families gathered together for the Eucharistic celebration and prayer service at Fatima Community centre – a substation of Fatima Church, Ambernath. In 1983, the Malayalee catholic community began Syro-Malabar Malayalam Qurbana once a month. Fr. Andrews Athapally CMI, was very committed to come and celebrate the Syro-Malabar Qurbana for this infant community from 1983 to 1988. However, the Ulhasnagar Catholic community remained part of Fatima Church, Ambernath for all the (parochial) needs.

The Diocese of Kalyan was erected in 1988. The same year Fr. George Edakalathur was appointed as the Priest-in-charge of the Syro-Malabar Catholic community at Ulhasnagar.

Under the guidance of Fr. George Porathur, the second Parish Priest of the Syro-Malabar community began dreaming of an ‘own’ place of worship. The community pursued the dream and in 1989 itself, with great difficulty, purchased a plot of land at Lalchakki. The progress was very fast that in 1990, July 29, Mar Paul Chittilappilly blessed and opened the first St. Paul Community Center at the ‘own’ place.

The collective search for a new land was seriously on. But on June 29, 1992, Fr. George Porathur was transferred and on July 5th, Fr. Francis John was appointed as the new Priest-in-charge. On May 5, 1995 Fr. Francis was transferred and Fr. Emmanuel Varickamakal was appointed as the new Priest-incharge. Under his experienced leadership the community purchased a bigger plot of land for a permanent church building with necessary conveniences. The plot was registered under Santhome Charitable Trust on December 12th, 1997. On Feb 1st, 1999, the community purchased one smaller plot of land adjacent to the one already bought. With the second plot of land the community decided to construct the church building.

On May 1st, 1999, Msgr. Thomas Thalachira laid the foundation stone for the permanent church building at the newly purchased plot of land. In a record timeof 11 months and 15 days the church was ready. On April 15th, 2000, the long cherished dream of a migrant Syro-Malabar Catholic Community at Ulhasnagar came true and the newly constructed church was blessed and opened by Mar Thomas Elavanal.

On Feb 4th, 2002, Fr. Emmanuel was transferred and Fr. George Cheeramkuzhy took over the charge on the same day. On Feb 6th, 2002, Fr. Biju Mannamcheril was appointed as the first Asst. Priest – in – charge of Ulhasnagar.

In 2003, Fr. George Cheeramkuzhy was transferred and Fr. George Thuppalanjiyil was appointed as the new Priest-in-charge. In the same year Fr. Biju was appointed as the Priest-in-charge of Ambernath community. Shortly afterwards Fr. Biju was shifted to Ambernath community.

On May 5th, 2007, St. Paul Catholic Community Church was officially elevated to the juridical status of a Parish. Fr. George Thuppalanjiyil was the first Parish Priest of Ulhasnagar Catholic Church. On June 6th, 2007, Fr. George was transferred and Fr. Xavier Kanatt was appointed as the new Parish Priest. Fr. Xavier served the Parish for just six months and left for studies on December 31, 2007. Fr. Shiju Avannor, the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church, Ambernath was given the additional charge of Ulhasnagar Parish temporarily. However, he served the Parish from Ambernath from January 1st, 2008 to June 7th, 2008. On June 7th, 2008 Fr. ZachariasNeelamkavil took charge of Ulhasnagar Parish as the new Parish Priest. Fr. Zacharias during his four years service to the Parish Community renovated the Sanctuary of the church and he also prepared a beautiful Adoration chapel on the mezzanine floor of the church. Every month on 13th, we have ‘SahasramaniJapamala’ recited. There are 160 registered families under 10 Units, in the parish.

St. Paul’s Nursery School run by the parish is a dream-child of Fr. Emmanuel Varickamackal. Snehasadhan which is part of the parish is a counselling centre and a hostel primarily for the working girls. It was opened as the Silver Jubilee Memorial of Mar Thomas Elavanal on July 4th, 2000.

On 1st June 2012, Fr. Zacharias Neelamkavil was transferred and Fr. Tomy Mundankunnel CMF, took charge as the Parish Priest. After Fr. Tomy’s term, Rev. Fr. Jaison Karakunnel took the charge which was followed by Fr. Anoop Poyyaniyil. We earnestly pray that our presence here as a Catholic Community be a ‘witnessing’ presence, worth our ‘identity’ as God’s people, and our life of mutual love and sharing will make the world around know that we are Christ’s disciples.


Forane: Kalyan

Status: Parish

Parish Priest: Fr. Anoop Poyyaniyil

Establishment of Parish Community: 1988

Official Erection as a Parish: 06/05/2007

Date of the Consecration of the Church: 15/04/2000

Area of the Church Property: 3300 sq.ft.

No. of Family’s: 150

No. of Family Units: 10

Address: Block A-468/936, Subash Thekadi Road, Ulhas Nagar, Thane.

Phone No.: 0251-2523450

How to reach:


Holy Qurbana:

Weekdays Qurbana:

Name of the Religious Congregation & Province: CHF, Noida & ASI (Ancilla Secular Institute)

Type of the Institutions at parish territory:Snehasadhan Counselling Centre & Women Hostel (Run by Diocese),St. Paul’s Nursery School (Run by Parish),Holy Family Convent School (Run by CHF)


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