St. Peter’s Church, Satpur

Before the erection of Kalyan Diocese there was no Syro-Malabar Qurbana in Nasik but Occasionally KCA arranged Malayalam Qurbana by calling fathers from Pune. Rev. Fr. George Kavukkat and Fr. Peter Kavumpuram visited Satpur and formed a community under Kalyan Diocese in 1989-1990, where many families gathered to participate in the Liturgy in accordance with the Syro-Malabar Rite in Anand Colony, when there were 35 families in this community.

Rev. Fr. Shibu Pulikkal decided to give each community in Nasik a Heavenly Patron’s name. Thus developed the St. Peter’s Church. Because of the inconveniences of the place, we searched for another place for an independent Church. By God’s Grace, with the hard work of Fr. Shibu, Fr. Biju Kollamkunnel, and Fr. Paul Kunduparambil and of the faithful, we got a place for church. With the financial help of Kalyan Diocese and the faithful, we constructed a Church at Balwant Nagar in Satpur on 02-04-2005. Mar Thomas Elavanal consecrated the Church. We gratefully remember Fr. Francis Perumadan, Fr. Mathew Adampakallel, Fr. Binoy Kannainackal, Fr. Joseph Challissery and Fr. Francis Komban. At present Fr. Jenson Porathur is out Parish Priest.

Rev. Fr. Mathew Moothassaril started Holy Qurbana and St. Jude’s Novena every week. The Church also started a pre-primary school. The Church was then declared a parish on 08-09-2008. A hall was built above the church named St. Jude’s Hall. The Hall was built for the betterment of the school. Parish feast is celebrated every year in the month of June on behalf of St. Peter and St Jude.


Forane: Nashik

Status: Parish

Parish Priest: Fr. Francis Komban

Establishment of Parish Community: 2003

Date of the Consecration of the Church: 02/04/2005

Official Erection as a Parish: 08/09/2008

Area of the Church Property: 1300+1300 sq.ft.

No. of families: 25

No. of Family Units: 01

Address: Pancha Krishna Row House, Behind Vasundhara Apt., Neel Dhara Society, Balwant Nagar, Satpur, Nashik 7

Phone No.:

How to reach:


Holy Qurbana: Sat. 7.30 pm St. Peter’s Church, Satpur

Weekdays Qurbana: 7.30 pm St. Peter’s Church, Satpur

Name of the Religious Congregation & Province: Nil

Type of the Institutions at parish territory: St. Peter’s Nursery (Run by Parish)


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