St. Sebastain Community Centre, Goregaon (E)

Those migrant Syro-Malabar Catholics settled in Goregaon attended the spiritual needs at St. Thomas Latin Church at Goregaon East which was the only Catholic Church existed then at Goregaon.

In 1958 the Archdiocese of Bombay appointed Capuchin Order to look after the spiritual needs of the Malayalee Catholics i.e. Syro-Malabar, Syro-Malankara and Latin Rites. Rev.Fr. Urban OFM (Cap), the first Malayalee Chaplain, came to Goregaon and conducted Malayalam Qurbana at St. Thomas Church at Goregaon East on Sundays occasionally and this gave an opportunity to the faithful to come together as a community.

It was the need of the time to have an Association for the Malayalee Catholics at Goregaon and by 1960 The Kerala Catholic Union (KCU, became KCA later) Rev. Fr. Urban entrusted the responsibility to organize the Sunday Qurbana and other religious activities to KCU. The St. Sebastian Feast was regularly celebrated since 1961 and the procession was taken out from St. Pius Seminary to St. Thomas Church.

In 1969 St. Thomas Latin Parish Goregaon East was divided and Our Lady of Rosary Church Goregaon West was erected. Naturally the Malayalee Catholics residing at Goregaon West also became part of this new Parish. By 1976 some of the Chaplains who had taken special interest to cater the spiritual needs of the Syro-Malabar Catholics of Goregaon by name Rev. Fr. Sebestian Thuruthel MST, Rev. Fr. Primose Alapat CMI, Rev. Fr. Joseph Pulikken. Later Msgr. Paul Chittilapilly, Rev. Fr. George Vadakethala and Rev. Fr. Jacob Porathur. Rev.Fr. Paul Kadichini CMI and Rev. Fr. Raphael Perinchery CMI were nourished the Syro-Malabar Communities of Goregaon.

After the erection of the Diocese of Kalyan on 30th April 1988, the enthusiasm of the faithful was doubled and the Syro-Malabar communities of Goregaon East and West were formed in 1990 and Fr. Raphael Perinchery CMI and Fr. Thomas Chirakal CMI enjoy the unique distinction of being the first Parish Priest of the Goregaon East and West respectively. During this period priests in charge were staying at Green Park Co-Op-Housing Society, Link Road, Malad (W) and serving the faithful at St. Thomas Church, Goregaon (E) and Rosary Church Goregaon (W).

It was Rev. Fr. Johnson Challissery, parish priest of Goregaon East and West Communities, who actualized the long cherished dream of Goregaon East and West Parishes to acquire a place of their own by purchasing a plot, B48/189, Siddharth Nagar, Goregaon West, in 1999 and developed it. Mar Thomas Elavanal blessed it on 25th November 2000 by name Sacred Heart Community Centre. With the blessing of the Community Centre, the Parish priest shifted his residence from Malad to this new Centre and eventually daily Qurbana was being conducted at the Centre, which helped the community to further consolidate the spiritual activities. However, Sunday Qurbana and Catechism Classes are being conducted at St. Thomas Church (Latin) Goregaon East.

Even though the Community Centre was a focal point for East and West Parishes, both the Communities began to grow in separately. The need for separate parish was made known to the Diocesan Authorities and both parishes were declared as Quasi – Parishes under the title of Sacred Heart Parish as separate entities on 21/01/2007.

Rev. Fr. Siby Kochuveettil took charge as Parish priest in February 2010 and he studied the problems in deep. He awakened the faithful to acquire a place for prayer centre for East Parish. With tireless efforts of the Finance Committee under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Siby Kochuveettil, considerable amount has been generated from generous contribution from the faithful of the East Parish, share from West Parish and financial assistance from Bishop’s House, a new Centre of about 1600 sq.ft at 65/441, 2, Shree Hari Soc., MHB Colony, Dindoshi Nagar, Malad (E), Mumbai 400 097 was acquired in 29th October 2012.

On the path of the growth of the community, a great task that is to be actualized is to develop the centre into a Church where the community can conduct their Sunday Qurbana and the Catechism of the Children and raise the community into the status of a Parish.

Later, the priests served our parish are: Fr. Jesto Menacherry.
At present Fr. Ginson Valliarumpeth CMF is the parish priest.


Forane: Malad

Status: Sub-Centre

Parish Priest: Fr. Jesto Menachery

Establishment of parish Community: 1990

Official Erection as a Parish:

Date of the Consecration of the Church:

Area of the Church Property:

No. of Familys: 94

No. of Family Units: 8

Address: 65/441 Trimurti Soc. MHB Colony, Dindoshi Nagar, Malad (E), Mumbai 400097

Phone No.:

How to reach:


Holy Qurbana: Sun. 9.00 AM at St.Sebastian Community Center
65/441 Trimurti Soc. MHB Colony, Dindoshi Nagar, Malad (E), Mumbai 400097

Weekdays Qurbana: Nil

Name of the Religious & Province: Congregation Nil

Type of the Institutions at parish territory: Nil


Email id:



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