St. Sebastian Centre, Kanjurmarg (E)

Kanjurmarg East is a tiny village situated near the Central Railway and approximately 3 kms away from the Bishop’s House at Powai. In order to preserve their faith and traditional cultural heritage, the Kerala Catholics residing at Kanjurmarg East formed an association called “Kerala Catholic Association. Later on this association was renamed as “Kanjur Malayalee Catholic Association” (KMCA). In 1973, it was under the leadership of this association that the feast of St. Sebastian was first celebrated at Kanjurmarg East, which is still continued every year on 26th of January.

Rev. Fr. Thomas Harry Alappat served the community as the first Priest in-charge of the Centre after the birth of the Eparchy of Kalyan. In the year 1997, Eparchy of Kalyan, in collaboration with the Centre, bought a chawl, which was blessed by Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal on 15th August 1997. Later, with the tireless efforts and generosity of the faithful, an adjoining room was purchased in 2003, and the renovated centre was blessed on 17th December 2003. On 26th January 2010, Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal elevated and erected St. Sebastian’s Church to the juridical status of a Quasi Parish in the Eparchy of Kalyan.

In the year 2011, another place for the Church building was bought and the foundation stone was laid by Mar Thomas Elavanal on 5th March 2011. The construction work began under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Anoop Poyyaniyil and was completed and consecrated at in the tenure of Rev. Fr. Shaiju Kattayath. The present Church was constructed and consecrated on 15th August 2011. At present, the parish community consists of 52 families, which are divided in to 5 family units. Now, Holy Qurbana is celebrated on Sundays at St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Kanjurmarg, whereas on Wednesdays and on Fridays it is celebrated in the Parish Church. The priests who served in the parish are Fr. Thomas Harry Alappat, CMI, Fr. K.T. James, OFM Cap, Fr. Antony Kakkanattu, Fr. Thomas Kochuparambil, Fr. James Kochayankanal, Fr. Thomas Pudussery, Fr. Thomas Choondal, Fr. Joy Paliekkara, Fr. Thomas Thalachira, Fr. Mathew Kollamparambil, Fr. Sebastian Mudakkalil, Fr. Cyriac Kumbattu, Fr. Jose Aloor, Fr. Siju Kizhakkepallivathukkal, Fr. Anoop Poyyaniyil, Fr. Shaiju Kattayath and Rev. Fr. Kurian CMF.

At present Fr. Sebastian Mudakkalil is the Parish Priest.


Forane: Powai

Status: Quasi-Parish (26/01/2010)

Parish Priest: Fr. Kurian Kannamundayil CMF

Establishment of Parish Community: 24/08/1988

Official Erection as a Parish:

Date of the Consecration of the Church: 15/08/2011

Area of the Church Property: 2000 sq. ft.

No. of Family’s: 52

No. of Family Units: 5

Address: Opp. Aniket Hospital, Indira Nagar, Kanjurmarg (E), Mumbai 400042

Phone No.: 25785515 / 2385

How to reach:


Holy Qurbana:

Weekdays Qurbana:

Name of the Religious Congregation & Province: Nil

Type of the Institutions at parish territory: Nil


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