St. Sebastian Centre, Palghar

From the very inception of the Eparchy pastoral care was taken care of the community at Palghar. The community was remain always small and there is no own place of worship. The community is grateful to the Latin Church for providing the space and time for celebrating Holy Qurbana on Sunday. In the beginning the Priests from Vasai and later Nallasopara and Virar and now from Boisar served the community. Fr. Nixon Pallan served the parish as the parish Priest since 2017. Fr. Soji Pezhathinkal took charge as the parish priest from 09th February 2017.


Forane: Vasai

Status: Qurbana Centre

Parish Priest: Fr. Soji Pezhathinkal

Establishment of Parish Community:

Official Erection as a Parish:

Date of the Consecration of the Church:

Area of the Church Property:

No. of Family’s:

No. of Family Units:

Address: (presbytery)

Phone No.:

How to reach:


Holy Qurbana:

Weekdays Qurbana:

Name of the Religious Congregation & Province: Nil

Type of the Institutions at parish territory: Nil


Email id:



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